Co Cork, near Kanturk Kilmacow Holy Well.


 A joyous jam making on the walk by the well as we clean her,Kilmacow well of Co Cork.

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some images from our day in kilmacow Co Cork

The well is believed to have being founded by St Machu.  Sometime at the beginning of 6th century. It seems like his name is most probably a corruption of St Mo Chutu mac Finaill.  A Kerry man by birth, renowned for his good lucks.  As a result it is said he was followed by 30 women. Whom he persuaded into the love of God and not him. After a failed attempt at building monastery in Meath. Machu with permission from by the then King of the Deisi.  As a result Machu built his most famous monastery.  He remained in the Lismore area until he died on the 14th May 637AD. The Feast Day is celebrated on the 15th of May.

images from the

The well  water was considered to hold a cure, especially for sore eyes.

"Cure for sore eyes … Water from the well is taken home by pilgrims and is used throughout the year for all kind of ailments. They take three sips of the water and rub it on affected parts. There is a tree at these holy wells also".

Traditionally this well was visited on Good Friday and the practice still continues to this day:

it is the custom on the day of the visit to leave something at the well even a piece of cloth. People generally leave statues there, It was the custom long ago to throw some small coin, such as a sixpence, into the water, but the custom is not carried out largely now. People drink the water as they believe it is to be a cure for many diseases. There is a big tree at the well and it is on this, any piece of cloth, which is left at the well, is hanging.

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