Fundraiser for our journey

Please donate/fundraiser to help enflaith meet our goals . Our Tribe are enroute along the ancient road ways. It is a route from Ballinskellig to Tara to Malin. The walk begins August 1st 2018.


What is about

The fundraiser is to make this pilgrimage for us all. It is made in the name of Love and Unity. It is done so as to show people there is another way to exist. A way with stories and music, with appreciation for this wonderful country that we all reside in.

  • They walk to prove that we do not need this consumer storyline.
  • They walk to install hope and belief in all they meet.
  • They walk for themselves, each other and this whole country.

This is a walk of Evolution not Revolution.

Be a part of the fundraiser

Many of us are watching their transit, some of us will join them, others cannot due to life commitments. I have been asked by those who believe in this walk but cannot join can contribute. .



This walk is being done without any money. Those walking have left behind their jobs and means of income to pilgrimage. All work towards the preparations have been done for free and with full heart. That’s why we are fundrasing so we can complete this walk

The journey has not completed, there is still much to be done. If you have any ability to print posters, market to towns, write a journalism piece/blog, photograph, assist in anyway to help our people journey safely.
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It is hoped to place caches every 50km along the route. In these caches, I hope to place supplies such as non perishable food, soaps, medicines, blister plasters, lighters, Batteries, rubbish bags, socks ( ideas for the old socks, gratefully recieved) . I plan to place these caches at the wells that they will visit. There is a plan to clean the wells prior thier arrival so that they may have clean drinking water. (Any donations such as these will be gratefully recieved).