Suil an craic has been a flowing journey of evolution. We have spent time communing with ourselves and this wonderful land we reside in with its rich tapestry of love, lore, language and ceoil. It has increased our belief, that community can make a difference. When we unite together, we become a river of change. We have seen without a doubt the indigenous people of Ireland still exist. We have heard our goddesses speak truth of the landscape and we hear the whisper of the wells.

We are Here!

We have realised the substantial growth of our community. This vision-come-reality is much more than we could have ever imagined. We feel it is now time to dream deeper and refocus the walk. Reaching for the stars and higher again.

It is our understanding that this walk is a pivotal in proving our existence. We wholeheartedly desire to honour this with the respect of clarity, truth and love.

With this in mind we have decided to stop walking to regroup our vision. We fully intend to begin walking again following the craic to Malin Head.

We will begin dreaming the new evolution of this journey within the next few weeks. If anyone is called to come vision with us, we would be glad to include you. Please feel free to get in touch.

In the mean time, we wish this community to continue to interact and use this page as a forum to communicate with each other.

Beannachtaí Agus Gaire.

The Sara’s

new contact details

For those thinking about walking this year, we will gather at the hill of slane

If you want to walk with us, host us, help or keep an eye, there will be updates here.
To get in touch you can callHi all, just a wee change to the phone numbers to join the walk. You can connect in with them on 0852137445 or 0851700674.

May the road be bright before ye.
Grá agus Beannacht xxx

Walk 2019

For those thinking about walking this year, we will gather at the hill of Tara from the 1st of June. Gather, together.
We will Walk with Monday’s new moon. We will walk through the summer, till we reach mallin head. Our route guided by wells and ancestors, changes as we change. Belfast is a must, we will walk through Belfast.

If you want to walk with us, host us, help or keep an eye, there will be updates here.
To get in touch you can call 0852337979.

May the road be bright before ye.
Grá agus Beannacht xxx

Winter Rest Up

Thank you so much to everyone who took part in this adventure. We are taking rest for the winter in the west. The gratitude I feel for each helping soul I met along this road. My flame of inspiration is continuously lit by the kindness of friends and strangers.

Sara teching the children about nature

Go raibh míle maith agat for the cups of tea, the brown bread and butter, the vegetables, jumpers, raw milk, mushrooms, crystals, incense, shoes, pots of stew, hats, gloves, honey, scones, venison, rabbit, poetry, songs, herbs, oil, blankets, sleeping bag, beds, caravan, mobile home, wooly skirt, Japanese tea, cream, sticks, turf, pots, love, welcomes, trust, stories, truth, respect. I am humbled to know such Devine beings.
I am blessed to be able to walk with you.
May the winter bring deep warmth and healing to you all.
We will keep you updated on gatherings over the winter and be back on the road when the days grow long and the side invite us to wander x

thelogs ready for the cold winter
Winter Rest Up log fire

Co Cork, near Kanturk Kilmacow Holy Well.

 A joyous jam making on the walk by the well as we clean her,Kilmacow well of Co Cork.

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some images from our day in kilmacow Co Cork

The well is believed to have being founded by St Machu.  Sometime at the beginning of 6th century. It seems like his name is most probably a corruption of St Mo Chutu mac Finaill.  A Kerry man by birth, renowned for his good lucks.  As a result it is said he was followed by 30 women. Whom he persuaded into the love of God and not him. After a failed attempt at building monastery in Meath. Machu with permission from by the then King of the Deisi.  As a result Machu built his most famous monastery.  He remained in the Lismore area until he died on the 14th May 637AD. The Feast Day is celebrated on the 15th of May.

images from the https://holywellsofcork.com/2017/12/10/kilmacow-holy-well-near-kanturk/https://holywellsofcork.com/2017/12/10/kilmacow-holy-well-near-kanturk/

The well  water was considered to hold a cure, especially for sore eyes.

"Cure for sore eyes … Water from the well is taken home by pilgrims and is used throughout the year for all kind of ailments. They take three sips of the water and rub it on affected parts. There is a tree at these holy wells also".https://holywellsofcork.com/2017/12/10/kilmacow-holy-well-near-kanturk/

Traditionally this well was visited on Good Friday and the practice still continues to this day:

it is the custom on the day of the visit to leave something at the well even a piece of cloth. People generally leave statues there, It was the custom long ago to throw some small coin, such as a sixpence, into the water, but the custom is not carried out largely now. People drink the water as they believe it is to be a cure for many diseases. There is a big tree at the well and it is on this, any piece of cloth, which is left at the well, is hanging.


Route planner

Overview of Walking Route

All those starting the walk on the 1st of August leave a note here some maps


The trail begins in Ballinaskelligs Bay on Aug 1st and ends 950km at Malin Head.

The walk will be broken up into two part. The first part Skelligs — Uisneach. The second part Uisneach to the North. These OS Maps will serves as a guide for the first part of the walk.

The Kerry Way – OS78, 83,

Dunhallow Way – OS 79, 80

Ballyhoura Way – OS 66, 73, 74

Multeen Way – OS 66

North West Cork Way

Ormond Way

Hymany Way


TO BE WORKED ON —  this walk will evolve on route


Terrain : Boreen, Mountain, Over Land and sometimes along main roads.