Our Vision:

To create the conditions and opportunity for people to physically and creatively engage with the land and the water, and for it to provide you with new skills and understandings about our individual and collective place in nature. To help you prepare and orientate for the walk experience, we suggest you reflect on these questions:

Am I Ready?

Have never been hiking before we want to make sure this guide helps . When you arrive be prepared and willing an able to head onto the land. Where we will walk for up to 20km a day and experience a range of temperature and weather conditions.

What intentions will you bring to the walk?

We encourage you to walk with intention and to be open to what emerges. How can you prepare to give yourself the best chance of meeting those intentions?


 We strongly recommend John Moriarty Book, Invoking Ireland). It will prepare you reading up on Irish culture, history and mythology, but by just preparing yourself mentally and logistically.