Enflaith wants to connect people

“We are a group of people who are walking the lengthen Ireland with the intention of cleaning wells. Connecting with local people and learning about their primary water sources”
We are interested in wells as both a source of water and their healing properties. The practical aspects of cleaning and maintaining them as sources of life-giving water. As well as local folklore, stories, songs, and anything people wish to share. Enflaith is walking from Ballinskelling Co. Kerry on the first of August. if you’d like to find out where we are, or how we’re getting on. If not you should be able to find out here or our facebook page Suíl an Craíc 

The reason for the walk

This walk has gained inspiration from the All is well project. The project is a nationwide project. It will cross all the people who live in Ireland. It wants people of Ireland taking ownership of their water supply. To be more accountable for cleaning/maintaining/rebuilding.

By being more involved it help keeps our holy wells as potable(safe drinking) water sources. This project recognizes that in Ireland we have an abundance of primary source water.  Moreover, it is minerally rich. Many people don’t realise fact we need minerals to digest our food and sustain our bodies health. Our water in the taps is minerally stripped due to the processes it undergoes to reach our taps.

read this report by the pureberkey.com 
http://pureberkey.com/bottled-water-is-robbing-your-body-of-minerals-who-report/  on bottled water.

We find as the wells are cleaned and maintained they become the center of the community. They become a place to gather and share stories and songs. Some schools even now have included cleaned wells within their nature walks.

Enflaith interest in wells not only for there mineral benefits but their healing properties. read this article on cleaning water with copper vessels

Finally, the practical aspects of cleaning and maintaining them as sources of life-giving water.  Water or Irish, uisce na beatha is a part of local folklore, stories, songs of many peoples from around the world.

Long ago the people never wore shoes until they were twenty years. The water they washed their feet with they threw it out.

We encourage you to walk/talk and share. Be active with the intention to be open to what emerges. How can you prepare to give yourself and the best chance of meeting those intentions with we real hope.

Well Walkers in Ireland 2018

Walking through Ireland 2018 – visiting wells while wild camping. www.enflaith.ie This conversation – an comhra seo – and these images give you a flavour – a blas – of a enriching, inspiring new culture emerging now. Enjoy Ireland – Eiri-land with us… Kathleen O’Hara Farren chats with Well Walkers Conor, Maire-Cristiona and Jamie sitting on a tree stump mound in central Ireland, September Equinox 2018 (features the wind and mic fluctuations)! www.theedgeschool.net